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Nice Things To Do Whole In Barcelona

If ever you are indeed lucky enough to be planning out your trip to go to Spain, then Barcelona can be one of the best cities that you must visit. Regarding about your stay in the city, if you wish to stay a little time, then you need to learn about the best places to go and plan on your itinerary. It is best that you know the must-see sites in Barcelona for you to make your trip easier and memorable. Even if you have not so much time to be able to discover the places that Barcelona can offer, you will still have more time to see the best features of it.

We have included in here some of best thing you must do in Barcelona so that you can enjoy your stay in the city. If you can be able to visit the places in Barcelona, then your experience will be phenomenal.

The first place that can be highly recommended by many visitors is the Boqueria Market that has been in the city for a long period of time and the location is very convenient for those who stays in the city proper. You can try out this market where the culinary offer variety of aromas and colors that will surely delight your experience in terms of Spanish foods.

Second best place to visit in Barcelona is the Gothic Corner where it feature some of the most beautiful architecture not only in the city but around the world, and this is highly recommended that you must do when you visit Barcelona.

Third one is the Guell Park which is a delightful park that is rich with the housing community that is modeled after the garden in England. Try to stroll around the place and explore the park with the view it has to offer.

These are only few of the beautiful spots that Barcelona city can offer to the tourist visitors. There are many more of them that you can do for free and you can spend most of your time depending on the days you are going to spend in Barcelona. To complete you bucket list, you should try out the best foods that Barcelona, Spain can offer and the one that they are famous about. You can also ride the famous tram while touring around the city and seeing their beautiful buildings. You can make use of the map that can be provided in the airport of in the hotel that you are actually staying.

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